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Southern Creek Excavation, LLC.

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Street Address:
4629 Forest Park Drive


Phone:   575-639-3312 or 575-639-2584

Representative: Russ or Brandon Tanzy

Southern Creek Excavation LLC. Is a excavation / dirt contractor. Specializing in residential & commercial lot cutting, lot leveling, rough grade, form grade, final grade, soil compaction, import fill, export fill, utility Excavation, drainage ponding excavation. We have 26 years experience in commercial & residential construction. New Mexico licensed (GS08) and insured. For additional information please Email: for additional photos of projects & equipment visit our Instagram Page : southerncreekexcavation We look forward to being of service to you. Thank you Russ & Brandon Tanzy

GB02 License: No

GB98 License: No

Other License: GS08

NM CID License Number: 408870

Southern Creek Excavation, LLC.

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Southern Creek Excavation, LLC.
4629 Forest Park Drive

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